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Proud publican Michael Marshall has experienced first hand the problems associated with keg handling and storage.

From small beginning’s Michael has experienced a bustling trade in his busy family run bar. However Michael has experienced two major challenges along the way:

1: Lack of storage space
When business increased, Michael was forced to reassess his inventory control. His cellar was too small for him to store large orders for the weeks ahead and construction work to the premises was not a viable option.

Instead Michael had to make frequent orders to suppliers and ensure the right staff were present for keg deliveries. Michael was losing time within his operation and eventually began to feel frustrated with a business he had loved so much.

2: Onsite injuries
Within the same time-frame, a close friend of Michael’s experienced a serious injury from keg handling. He decided to discuss the issue with other publicans and it was of no surprise, that Michael’s problems were common among the majority he spoke with.


Following the incident, Michael began to investigate possible solutions, to safe guard both himself and his staff from potential injuries from keg handling. Michael took direction from the HSA Manual guidelines and sought to purchase a Keg lifter.


Current products on the market did not satisfy the needs of Michael’s business and premises. Existing devices to transport Kegs were too large to manoeuvre in a small cellar. This would have resulted in even less space for Michael to store kegs, if he were to purchase and utilize such equipment. Crates and pallets were too bulky and transporting them within the cellar was too awkward. It was from these challenges an idea began to grow.


Michael went on to further redefine and develop a more slimline maneuverable keg lifter which allowed him to safely move kegs upon delivery and within his cold room. He then enhanced the process further, by inventing and patenting his own universal keg safety discs. This allowed him to stack kegs and safely move three kegs at a time on the keg lifter and to stack multiple kegs within his cellar. His solutions were tested amongst fellow publicans. The feedback from heavy product testing amongst fellow publican showed that Michael had a viable safety solution not yet realized within bar and hospitality sectors. 

The products developed by Michael and distributed through Keg-Tek derive from necessity. Our passion comes from our manifesto. Keg-Tek: Sharing the solution from our premises to yours.


Complying with Health and Safety obligations has never been easier. Our innovation is defined by the customer for the customer. Contact us today to see how we can help you enhance your operational process.
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